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Headquartered in the European Union, is a global translations, localization, communications and marketing company that employs syndicated writers, linguists, translators, interpreters and marketing experts worldwide and is principally engaged in the translation, marketing, and localization of enterprises, businesses and publishing companies by providing translation and marketing services in Eastern and Western languages. is led by Jorge C. Berriatúa, Chairman and General Manager.

CUSTOMER BASE: As a global translations and communications company, the majority of’s business is in the U.S., China, Brazil, Russia, and the European Union.

BUSINESS AREAS:´s operating units are organized into broad business areas and services.

  • Translation, includes translation, editing, proofreading, subtitling, captioning and counselling lines of Business in both Eastern and Western languages – Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Portugues, Russian, Korean…
  • Marketing, includes promotion of your company name, business, and foreign translations in the foreign target market you want.
  • Provision of Domain Names, Hosting services and Web Design, includes acquisition of one .es domain name (for Spain) or any other terrirorial domain names plus hosting services four your local online website to be seen in Spain, Russia, China, India or elsewhere.
  • Social Media Community Management and SEO, includes the opening and maintenance of social network channels for your target audience.

CLIENTS: clients include a cast of some of the world´s top companies in their business.  Meet our Top Ten Clients.  The best in their Business:


  • Cardiovascular Research Foundation, based in New York City CRF is an independent, academically focused nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the survival and quality of life for people with cardiovascular disease through research and education.
  • Elsevier The Global Academy, an Elsevier Business that develops educational programs (live, web, and print) that are accredited through joint sponsorship with ACCME-accredited providers.
  • International Medical News Group, syndicated in 30 countries, IMNG reaches over 500,000 physicians, offering them a broad range of unique and original specialty-specific news and covers over 450 medical meetings per year.
  • EMSWorld, owned and operated by Cygnus Business Media is the world´s leading online journal on emergency medical service news.
  • Spanish Society of Cardiology, represents over 70,000 cardiology professionals, mainly from across Europe and the Mediterranean basin, but also from the rest of the world.
  • Clínica CEMTRO (run by Professor Pedro Guillén M.D.), one of the world´s most important trauma centres led by world class surgeon, researcher, and physican Professor Pedro Guillén, MD.
  • Fox News Latino, the International Spanish edition of Fox News Channel which is available to 102 million households in the United States and to viewers internationally, broadcasting primarily from its New York studios.
  • CaptionMax, headquartered in Minneapolis is one of the North America’s largest closed captioning and media accessibility companies.
  • Arsys, Spain´s leading company in domain name registration and web hosting.
  • Spanish Episcopal Conference, administrative institution including all the bishops of the dioceses of Spain under the authority of the Roman Pontiff to promote the life of the Church and its mission of evangelization.

Our Mission:
Help our customers sell their corporate identity and products in foreign languages.
Stand as a bridge between our customers and the foreign markets they wish to penetrate.
Solve our customers issues through state-of-the-art client-specific solutions because you are unique and distinctive.

Our Vision: is the leading global translations, communications and marketing company because we solve our customers’ problems of establishing their name and product in foreign markets – South America, Europe, and Asia through our employees’ innovation, performance and unmatched expertise.

Our Values:

  • Lead our clients all the way to their target market.
  • Deliver the best possible translation, and communications services.
  • Provide the market´s most cost-efficient services and generate consistent profitable revenues.


Prof. Jorge C. Berriatúa
C/ Luis Barrón 4, 3 izda.
26005 Logroño, La Rioja
Spain, E.U.



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